Brand Strategy

Engaging Snowbell

We understand brands and we understand the market. Researching and developing a detailed branding strategy before getting into the lab or briefing the branding company is critical for your company’s long term success. Consider this your essential road map before the journey begins!  Our extensive background in marketing and our natural curiosity and passion for our sector mean we are continuously monitoring competitor activity, global trends and consumer insights. We keep our ear to the ground, talk to our industry colleagues and sift out the significant from the less significant data. All of which together with our professional expertise and know how feeds into the strategic planning process and brand development plans to ensure the innovative products we design and develop are of award winning quality, are unique, relevant and commercially successful.

Strategic Planning Process

After in-depth discussions and a review of your plans or concept, we help define the brand’s vision and point of difference, market positioning, core values, technical creative brief, product line up, retail pricing, marketing communications plan, sampling campaign, retail launch plan, design and packaging briefs. The development budget and cost of goods for each product are researched and estimated and margins are analysed for different distribution models and routes to market.

Managing Growth

For busy established brands where the internal team’s focus is often caught up in day-to-day development projects, we are able to look longer term and develop new product development strategies for future growth. Working to a specific brief or advising on potential gaps or commercial opportunities, projects range from a complete brand redesign, packaging and formulation review, assessing the pros and cons of moving into a new sub category, implementing NPD projects, cost reduction programmes, gift packaging projects or advising on 3-5 year NPD calendars to ensure strategies are in place to develop and grow the business and feed the ever growing demand for newness and innovative product.